Best Wedding Rings

How to Select the Right Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands


Congratulations! You have found the one and you are ready to pop the question and settle down. That means it is time to put your finger on a ring that your significant other will love and cherish for all time. As a piece of jewelry you will both wear for the rest of your life, choosing engagement rings and wedding bands can be a little daunting. You might feel overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of rings out and your unfamiliarity with jewelry terminologies. The thing is there is no magical formula for determining ideal engagement and wedding rings as everyone is unique and has their own tastes and preferences. However, you can narrow your search by focusing on the basics and from there choose the right rings as symbols of your commitment to one another. Here are a few considerations that can lead you to the perfect rings.


Consider you and your partner's personal styles.


The tradition of having matching wedding rings or wedding bands that matches the engagement ring has waned over the years. You may still go that route if that reflects both of your personality but if you have varied personal styles, you do not have to match your ring with your spouse's. You do not wear matching clothes every day, do you? If you like titanium and your partner like rose gold, then mix it up. There is no rule that says you should select the same metal nor the same style. The wedding ring and the engagement band do not call for an identical style likewise but should just complement each other. Your ring is not just a symbol of your affection but is also a fashion accessory that you will wear for a long, long time so find something that you love and reflects your individual style.


Consider you and your partner's lifestyle.


If both of you intend to wear your rings every day, then choose something that can seamlessly become a part of your life. Do you have work or a hobby that is tough on your hands, and therefore tough on your wedding jewelry? Then you might opt for a simple, solid metal ring that you can wear while performing those activities, and can stand up to harsh treatment. If you play sports like rock climbing or football and plan to wear your ring, you will need a ring that is durable like platinum.